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Who is Addicted to Bath Bombs?

We started when our son, Hunter who has sensory autism started to love bath bombs and won money from one and he had a great idea to start our own bath bomb business. After many tries we figured out it is NOT easy to make a bath bomb and we thought. I decided I would Wholesale from some of the best I could find and Open a Shop for my son's future and we fell in love with everything handmade, I am learning as i go and one day we will be providing amazing products too but for now we want to show off these incredible hard working handmade with love products online and inside very soon...

Peace and Relax Laura and Hunter xox

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1UP Mushroom Bath Bomb - Blue Raspberry Slushie Scent - Addicted to Bath Bombs

1UP Mushroom Bath Bomb - Blue Raspberry Slushie Scent

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