3 Massive Reason's to add Bath Bombs to Your bath Routine

3 Massive Reason's to add Bath Bombs to Your bath Routine

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So a Bath Bomb is Normally Dry Powder Ball, Or if you like some fun a shape with some awesome design to create some awesome bath art before you jump in but the real reason bath bombs where created was not just to look cool but these 3 Major reason's you should add a bath bomb to your bath routine and not just the kids..

Skin Rehydration

Firstly, The Skin needs help to become soft and a bath bomb is full of special oils and ingredients to help rehydrate your skin. 

The various oils that these balls contain help to lock the moisture in your skin, which, otherwise, gets washed away with the use of regular soaps while leaving a dry skin behind.

Soaking your body in a bath with cream or oil based bath balls means giving your skin the re-hydration and moistening effect that it seeks.

Skin Nourishment

The bath bombs contain various essential oils and butter elements that get released in the water when you put them in the bathtub and make sure that you get to experience all their benefits.

Be it the qualities of shea butter or various essential oils like grape seed, lavender etc., these bath balls simply help in nourishing the skin by adding various skin nurturing substances in your bath.

The grape seed oil soothes the skin, functioning as an antioxidant. Epsom Salt Helps Sooth Sore muscles and relaxes you.

Bath Bombs Have Healing Properties
Almost all bath bombs contain sodium bicarbonate and citric acid.

These two ingredients combine to create that fizzing sensation bath bombs are famous for.

More than that, though, they clean, deodorise, and repair skin, and strengthen blood vessels.

These two main ingredients leave you with healthier, younger looking skin.

You’ll love the rejuvenating enzymes and the healthy, glowing skin you’ll have as the result of a bath bomb indulgence.

Adding a Bath Bomb to your Bath create a Spa Like Experience that you deserve

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