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Addicted to Bath Bombs

Pink Bat Girl Bath Bombs in Berry Delightful Scent

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Pink Bat Girl Bath Bomb

in Berry Delightful Scent 

Hand Painted


Ingredients: Bicarbonate soda, citric acid, kaolin clay, SLSA, almond oil, polysorbate 80,
fragrance oil, water soluble dye *may also contain coco betain*


Bath Tips to Prevent Colour Sticking to Bath Scum - Make sure the bath is clean before using any bath bomb with colour or the colour may remain after emptying, very easy to remove but no one wants to clean the bath after every use, haha

How to use - To get the best Bath Bomb Art, Fill Your bath before placing with hand into the water, if it's Bubbles you want with our selection of bubble bath and bars run after the running tap. 

Safety - Please make sure anyone entering a bath bomb filled bath is slow and careful due to oils and ingredients bath may become slippery and we do not want anyone getting hurt. 

Enjoy your bath and bring fun back to bath time xox

Laura and Hunter



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Bat GIrl Bath Bomb

Very happy little girls great bath bombs

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